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Who the heck are you?

My name is Austin Riendeau I am married to my best friend and most beautiful woman ever, Lauren who we have two amazing boys, Landon (est 2008) and Hayden (est 2015) which keeps us more than busy. If that is not enough, we have two furry children who still think they are puppies.

What the heck do you do?

I am Engineer at Bitly. I have worked for the USGS, Aetna and several start ups which is where I am finding that I fit in better. I am a gopher by day and a musician by night. I have several years experience with Javascript. I have hacked enough together to dangerous in Ruby and Python.

I am musician with a passion for guitar and effects pedals. I love when I can combine engineering and music so naturally I find my self playing with effects, building them and making fun sounds because you have to appreciate a good analog sound.

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