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Gear Supply Co

First, I have not been paid by anyone for this review.

Gear Supply Co

Gear Supply Co started as a guitar string subscription. You can choose if you would like to receive strings and picks every month, every other month or every 3rd month. Now to completely shake up their world, they have expanded to so much more than that. They sell straps, cleaning supplies, cables and strap locks. But I am going to focus on their basics.

What is my background? I grew up playing bass and guitar in church. My string preference before this was Ernie Ball Skinny Top Heavy Bottom for my rhythm tone and Ernie Ball Power Slinky Cobalt for my lead tone. I will be upfront that I do not like treated strings. Cleartone Strings are a great in between, but I found that I really like normal strings for me to be the best me.

I discovered Gear Supply about six months ago. I thought to myself, “Now, there is subscription service for everything!” I decided to give it a try since there was a promotion for a free first box at the time. I got their “medium+” or 10-52 to try with .73mm regular picks, but have since switched to 1.0mm picks. In less than a week, they arrived. So I instantally put it on my Les Paul and started jamming! The strings are a nickel alloy blend and it just sustains. They are a bit louder and brighter so I did have to turn the volume down on my guitar just a smidge.

I was instantly impressed so I decided to play some more and in good faith, I have played these strings for 6 months before writing this. I absolutely still love them. I replace my strings every other month since I do a lot of home recording and less live gigs so I don’t have to replace them as much as people should. The price is the same price as Ernie ball and saves me a trip to the music store so I have chosen to buy all my strings and picks through Gear Supply Co.

Now: the picks. I used to use Dunlop Tortex picks. I love the feel of those picks. I do not like picks that feel like plastic. If I feel like my finger sweats or gets wet, that the pick will fly out of my hand, that’s when I decide that is not the right pick for me. They feel like the Tortex picks and sound like tortex picks.

I have been extremely happy with Gear Supply Co customer service and system. I now use their strap locks, the cleaner and the polish. I really hope they will have a fretboard treatment some time so that I can replace all of my Dunlop products.

Last Thoughts:

Overall, I would highly recommend their strings. Obviously, you should choose the right string size for you and the style that fits your playing. But I find for $8 bucks, it’s totally worth it for me. I love all their products thus far, even including the pick holder keychain.

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