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I am not Tj Holowaychuk. I don’t write a million libraries a year and I won’t knock Node.js. Node is a very amazing to work with and I still plan on using it for all my front-end projects. Its also amazing for writing quick services that need to get out the door quickly.

So why did I switch?

I work in operations as a developer. I am C programmer at my roots but I work in web technologies. I tend to work on APIs and automating things. With the recent tools being written in Go such as Docker and Terraform. This has sparked a movement in my area of work to use it.

There are advantages that I like like that it is typed and is able cross-compile. Since I write a lot of CLI tools, this is very helpful so we can use it across systems since we support several systems.

How is it going thus far?

There are things that I miss about Node like streams but everything else has been amazing. Golang has excellent documentation and using gin helps with the recompiling annoyance. Its amazing that Go can run like its an interpreted language but still compile. Gofmt and Golint save a ton of time of symantics and how to code so it runs well with in the team. So now, all of my microservices are going to be written in Go but I still plan on using Node for Front-End needs. It’s still a great asset to have in your back pocket because the community has made the asset pipeline so nice.

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